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18th February 2013

How To Spend Your Time In Milwaukee

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Javier Snover

With Milwaukee being the biggest city in Wisconsin, it makes sense that there would be a gamete of ideas and attractions to make your visit the most enjoyable and entertaining as possible. Below are only a few of the ways you can make your stay memorable.

Sporting Events

Sure there is the Milwaukee Brewers. Tailgating, socializing and cheering for the greatest baseball team in the country (well, we think so) is not such a bad idea for summer, and hopefully, fall fun!

But there are also a wide array of other professional sports and fitness events taking place in the city. The Milwaukee Admirals hockey club, Milwaukee IndyFest and a number of amateur sports clubs makes for a unique sports experience.

In addition, there are a number of hiking and biking trails and golf courses that will more than keep you busy.


For much of Milwaukee’s life, it has been known as the beer capitol of the world. Having had some of the largest breweries such as Pabst, Schlitz, Blatz and, of course, Miller, it is easy to see why. Many of the current breweries offer tours and tasting of some the “brew city’s” breweries.


If you’re playing hard in the brew city, you need to refuel and what better way than to make even your dining experience an attraction in itself? With over 800 restaurants including African, Asian, Caribbean, Greek, Indian, Italian, and Cajun varieties, you could literally experience a different culture with each dining venture.

Whether you’re down for fine dining, a pub-style experience, or just some frozen custard or ice cream on a hot summer day, you’ll find it all at a number of historic and exciting neighborhoods and locations throughout Milwaukee.

History and Unique Attractions

This isn’t supposed to be a school-lesson, but there are many spots throughout Milwaukee where a good family style experience or educational experience can justify a visit to the big city. Whether you visit the Pabst Theatre, Milwaukee Museum of Art or St. Josephat Basillica, you are sure to find all the educational, religious, artsy, and architectural beauties Milwaukee provides.

The Milwaukee County Zoo, Kettle-Moraine State Park, the Harley-Davidson Museum and the Milwaukee Public Museum are other options to keep you and the entire family excited!

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