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Chandos Ring: A Modern Epic Poem
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7th February 2013

Colombias Idyllic Beaches That Something For Everyone

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By: Aurindom Nandy

Colombia has two vast stretches of coastline, the Atlantic and The Pacific coastline. One can truly find the immensity of nature in the alluring Colombias beaches where splendour meets serenity. The place offers many serene natural water bodies, a diverse habitation of many kinds of flora and fauna and charming beaches. Colombia has something to please every kind of traveller. In the past couple of years there has been an exponential growth in the tourism industry as more & more people are discovering about inimitable and charming Colombia beaches. To make your choice easier, this list of best beaches in Colombia will aid you in narrowing down your choices. Though many of the beaches are in close proximities to each other yet they offer a complete different environment and vibe. Each beach has its own unique personality, so make sure you find the beach perfect for you.

1.Providencia Island

Providencia Island has been protected from over exposure of development and is among the handful of Caribbean Islands which are unblemished by tourism industry. The pristine and picturesque beaches of Providencia Island offers a calm and peaceful experience as it does not have many tourist facilities hence making it less crowded as compared to other beaches. It is an ideal place to relax and unwind, away from the hectic routines of daily life. Creole is the local language spoken though the natives also have a good grasp of English. The place serves as a perfect location for water diving enthusiasts as it has the place has worlds third largest barriers reef. Also its crystal clear water makes it a great place for activities such as snorkelling. All in all, Providencia Island has a laidback and a calm vibe to it and offers an inimitable experience which is not found on Caribbean Islands. There are few hotels to take care of staying and eating facilities.

2.San Andres Island

San Andreas Island is an amalgamation of vibrant and colourful culture where one can relax on the splendid beaches and enjoy a vast variety of delectable cuisine. Relax on white sandy beaches, enjoy delicious food and experience a colourful culture in San Andres, another island among the Colombian islands in the Caribbean Sea. San Andreas Islands is the largest island in the southern chain of islands and is few hours away by flight from central Colombia. It is an excellent diving spot because of its warm and clear water. Though Spanish is the official language in the area but English is spoken a lot. The northern part of the island is the busiest part as it has luxurious resorts, restaurants and also offers a vibrant nightlife. Seclusion from the rest of the world makes Sand Andres Island a perfect getaway and gives an opportunity to explore the magnanimity of nature.

3.Tayrona National Park

Tayrona National Park offers some of the most charming South American coastline. The beaches remain uncrowned and have a lush and stunning rainforest cover. However you will be disappointed if water activities are you priorities as most of the beaches at Tayrona have strong undertow currents making them unsafe for swimming. Hiking is popular choice among the tourist in this region as it not only gives you an opportunity to explore the lush greenery of the area but is also a great way to discover other beautiful beaches which lie in a close proximity. There are also many picnic and camping site where one could relax and enjoy in the lap of nature. Tayrona National Park not combines the scenic beauty of beaches with vast expanse of opulent rainforests.

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