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Chandos Ring: A Modern Epic Poem
    Every 2100-2500 years human society/culture experiences transformation.
    Gilgamesh (Force)- Taurus; Moses (Rules/Laws)- Aries; Christ (Love and Proliferation) - Pisces;
    Read the epic poem Chandos Ring. Discover the next transformation as we enter Aquarius.

26th January 2013

Fishing Charter Services, Venice Louisiana Lodging and More

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By: Cedric Loiselle

Considered as the fishing capital of the world, Venice, Louisiana has evolved from what used to be a sleepy little port with only a handful of anglers bothering the marina, to what Venice is today, with the crew boats, helicopters and supply ships that come and go to Venice ports but more notable are the vessels with recreational facilities that are increasing in number. The sleepy little port is no longer sleepy. It is now bustling with marina activities that are driving the tourism industry on Venice up the charts. Venice’s landscape has dramatically changed over the years, with more new marinas and lodges coming to life to accommodate the throngs of fishing aficionados seeking a different kind of fishing experience.

Recreational fishing, bass fishing tournaments or competitions and family fishing expeditions have paved the way for Venice Louisiana lodging business to flourish as the demand for decent accommodations for those who came from other states and countries steadily increases season after season. State Highway 1 has seen new lodges taking shape and thousands of bay boats and sport-fishing vessels docked at the mouth of the Mississippi River – all these are clear indications of how the fishing culture thrives in Venice, Louisiana, the area being rich with marine life and aquatic resources.

Most of the new Venice Louisiana lodging facilities offer a choice between lodges or cabins. Depending on the guests’ preference lodging houses can cater to all sorts of travelers and fishing fanatics, as the facilities are kept up to quality standards, assuring guests of comfortable stay while in Venice, before or after a fishing excursion. Travelers from distant places can have their choice of luxurious lodging accommodations or basic cabin-type and more rugged sleeping provisions. Most of the old lodging houses were renovated to keep up with the times and to offer more facilities and amenities for the comfort of its guests.

Aside from lodges and cabins springing to life, Venice Louisiana also witnessed the increasing number of fishing charter services responding to the demands of arriving tourists who want to experience the waters and fish of the area. Inland and offshore fishing services are offered by a host of big-game anglers who own fishing camps and vessels and sharing the experience to fellow anglers. Inland fishing includes speckled trout, redfish and flounder while offshore fishing choices include tuna, dolphin, marlin, wahoo, lump fishing, rig fishing or kite fishing. Venice Louisiana abounds with fishing expeditions one have a lot to choose from.

There are fishing charter services that caters to wreck, rig and reef fishing. This means the fishing area near an oil rig, a reef or a shipwreck which are made breeding grounds of big-sized fish such as mangrove snapper, gag grouper, red snapper, yellow-edge grouper, king mackerel, cobia, black grouper, vermillion snapper, amberjack, and sharks. For the more adventurous, they can try deep-drop fishing for the occasionally showing snowy grouper, barrel fish and Escolar. Areas near the gas platforms provide the opportunity to catch wahoo, yellow fin tuna, mahi-mahi, black fin tuna and the elusive blue marlin.

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