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23rd January 2013

Amazing Adventure Caribbean Vacations

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Henry De Young

When most people think of their dream vacation, thoughts invariably turn to the sunny white sand beaches and warm waters of the Caribbean.

Few places in the world offer travelers more amazing vistas, vibrant night life and absolutely picture perfect weather. If you’ve got your heart set on a luxurious vacation among the Caribbean islands, take a moment to learn a bit more about what they’ve got to offer.


Located on the eastern edge of the Caribbean islands, Antigua is a true tropical paradise, filled with more amazing geography, exotic plant and animal life and breathtaking views than nearly any other place in the world. Antigua is also known to veteran travelers for its top shelf hotels and resorts. For a quick 4 or 5 day getaway to Antigua, you might choose to book some time at the beautiful Blue Waters resort.

Offering private villas, suites and beachside rooms just far enough from the capital city of St. John, the Blue Waters is the perfect place to enjoy Antigua’s tropical beauty. This large resort features an amazing array of activities for guests, both relaxing and adventurous.

While some guests might choose to stroll through the resort’s fabulous gardens, filled with blooming flowers and cascading waterfalls, other may opt for some fun in the water with jet skis, parasailing or island touring excursions. For relaxing near your room, the hotel offers close by private beaches, two huge pools, two restaurants and several bars.


Located about 650 miles off the coast of North Carolina, Bermuda is not technically located in the Caribbean Sea and is actually the oldest remaining British territory in the world. Known for its hospitable island population, incredible scenery and pink sanded beaches, Bermuda is known internationally as one of the most exotic and luxurious vacation destinations.

Of course, booking a stay at Bermuda will most likely find you enjoying a stay at one of several world class resorts and hotels, like the opulent Fairmount Southampton. This particular resort is known for occupying the highest point on the island, offering unhindered views of both the Atlantic and Bermuda’s lush landscape.

The Fairmount Southampton offers a variety of rooms and suites to match guests’ budgets and needs. A stay at this resort will never lead to boredom, as it offers its own golf course, private beaches, live entertainment on a daily and nightly basis and an incredible number of internationally flavored restaurants. Relaxation seekers will appreciate its large pools and full service luxury spas as well.

Puerto Rico

One of the Caribbean’s best known, loved and visited gems, Puerto Rico is the last large island in the Caribbean chain west of the British Virgin Islands. Offering an incredibly varied geography, crystal clear waters beyond sparsely populated beaches and world renowned nightlife, Puerto Rico is the perfect destination for adventure seekers.

A truly eclectic and fun loving society, a stay in Puerto Rico is a great time to step outside the box a bit and enjoy a stay at a unique boutique hotel like the Hotel El Convento, which at one time was a working Catholic convent. This fabulous hotel offers first rate amenities like lavishly furnished quarters, a sprinkling of rose petals on your bed before you turn in and a fantastic location in the heart of bustling San Juan.

Arguably Puerto Rico’s most vibrant city, San Juan offers the best of a celebration loving island culture, noted for nightly parties at local clubs, dancehalls and bars. Through the day, visitors may enjoy a guided snorkeling or scuba diving trip through the island’s warm waters that teem with colorful life. Other popular excursions include hikes or off road jeep tours of the rainforest and mountains.


Located just south of Cuba, Jamaica is known throughout the world for its distinct and welcoming island culture as well as its amazing landscapes and first rate resorts. Visitors often spend their days exploring the island on a guided tour, lazing along the beach or spending some time on the open water for a fishing or dolphin watching trip.
Jamaica, like its neighbors is well known for its beautiful resorts, including the Sunset Beach Resort and Spa. A paradise within a paradise, The Sunset offers a wide range of accommodations for guests of all budgets and demeanors as well as a host of fun and relaxing activities.

Located on its own peninsula, the Sunset offers three private beaches—including one clothing optional beach—and a pirate themed water park, which offers the perfect way to spend time together as a family. For a more relaxing trip, you may choose to spend a little time in the resort’s world class spa.

With its perfect climate and unceasingly interesting and diverse geography, both cultural and physical, the Caribbean is the picture perfect location to spend a vacation you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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