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17th January 2013

The Costas Fun and Sun

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by Ackerley Wilson

Ranging across the Northern border with France, down to the south-western border with Portugal, the nearly 4000 km of Spanish coastline is a mosaic of varying landscapes, gorgeous golden beaches, lapped by the waters of two distinctly different seas: The Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, marked by regional differences in culture, history, traditions, cuisines and even language and dialect. But the common thread that links all these Costas or coasts, is the great sea-faring traditions of Spain and its nautical history and the love of adventure and paradoxically, also peace and leisure!

Costa del Sol: with its pretty and meaningful name, this sunny coast is probably the best known and most visited of the costas. With almost year-round sunny days, this area along the coast of Malaga from Almeira to Tarifa is famous for the range of resorts, beaches, water-sports activities, leisure and entertainment centers, great food and wines and tourist attractions. Dotting the coast are towns as distinctly different as Marbella with its sophisticated image to the more popular Benalmadena, there’s plenty for the visitor to see and do. Historical monuments, golf, Ronda, art activities connected with Picasso, exciting cruises to nearby Gibraltar and Tangier are some of the options available.

Costa Brava: or the Wild Coast along the Catalonian region is a rugged seascape along the eastern Pyrenees, with great scenic beauty, remains of ancient Greek and Roman settlements, amazing National Parks and sanctuaries, water-sports, adventure tourism, mountain sports in summer and winter, colorful festivals and fiestas, delicious mountain cuisines, cheeses, seafood and wines. There are also several modern spas, health resorts and lively family resorts here. With the Dali Museum located in Figueras, art-lovers can get a glimpse of the life of one of the area’s most famous citizens.

Costa Blanca: or the White Coast with its most famous mega party-destination, Benidorm, has plenty more to offer the tourist. Located in Alicante, the historic towns of Alicante, Cartagena and Murcia are all within close distance of this Mediterranean stretch of coastline. Snow-white beaches, great water-sports and a lively nightlife are the highlights of this coast.

The other coastal areas include the Costa Calida, Costa de la Luz, Costa Almeria and Costa Dorado. Many of these offer novel and fun holiday options for single tourists, couples, groups or family vacationers. Villa rentals, apartment rentals, resorts, luxury hotels, B&B, home-stays and even beach shacks and dorms are available. An important thing to note is that unless you’re prepared to risk disappointment, it’s advisable to plan your holiday in the Spanish Costas well-ahead since these are among the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

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