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Chandos Ring: A Modern Epic Poem
    Every 2100-2500 years human society/culture experiences transformation.
    Gilgamesh (Force)- Taurus; Moses (Rules/Laws)- Aries; Christ (Love and Proliferation) - Pisces;
    Read the epic poem Chandos Ring. Discover the next transformation as we enter Aquarius.

30th December 2012

Hong Kong A City Known for Its Cultural Exuberance

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by Rob Morrow

Hong Kong is a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China. Situated on China’s south coast and enclosed by the Pearl River Delta and South China Sea, Hong Kong is renowned for its expansive skyline and deep natural harbour. The city can mostly thank its colonial history and international harbour for its rich medley of cultures that give it a unique character. Hong Kong is a spectacular and energizing combination of urban and rural. It is a unique place of temples and trams, feng shui and finance. It is the place where you’ll eat some of the best food and feel dazzled, exasperated and overwhelmed but never feel bored. So catch cheap flights to Hong Kong and walking on the streets will expose you to a medley of Asian and European cultures.

The geographical position of Hong Kong makes it a great gateway between East and West and has made an attractive centre for international trade. Build a modern city on an ancient civilization, Hong Kong is truly a place worth exploring. Dive into festival, hike a mountain trail, catch a show, visit a temple, explore its walled village, Hong Kong is truly majestic. The city has been a crossroads of the world since 19th century. Migrants from all over the globe have brought not only their futures to the harbour city, but also their diverse faiths.

Various places of worship not only highlight the unique story of Hong Kong but also make it’s a great melting pot of diverse cultures. The Hindu Temple in Happy Valley is a chief focal point of religious and social activities of 40,000 Hindus in the city and serves as a centre for meditation, spiritual lectures, yoga classes etc. Jamia Mosque is Hong Kong’s first mosque which was built during 1840s is also known as Lascar Temple is one of the major centers of attraction. First gurudwara in Hong Kong was built in 1901 by Sikh members of British army is known as Khalsa Diwan Sikh Temple was again rebuilt in 1930 to cater city’s growing Sikh community. All these represent religious tolerance of city and makes it melting pot for various cultures and religions.

As Hong Kong continues to grow and change but the city has well preserved its century’s old Chinese structures to 19th century colonial architecture. A visit to 1881 Heritage will transport you to Victorian Era from 1880s to 1996 and is now decked with several buildings and artifacts of historical interest has now a great place to visit as it has several shopping malls, eateries and heritage hotels. So catch the glimpses of all this and much more, book cheap airfare to Hong Kong and enjoy it.

Standing 44 meters tall, the old Clock tower which was erected in 1915 is now preserved and is an elegant reminder of Age of steam. It has also been a memorable landmark for the millions of Chinese immigrants who have made Hong Kong their home. If you want to know what Hong Kong was lit like before neon was invented then do visit Duddell Street Steps where you will see the four last gas lights in Hong Kong which are the objects of historical interest.

There is so much to see and explore that is becomes difficult for visitors, where to start from. So to experience all this and much more, juts book cheap tickets to Hong Kong from London and explore them on your own.

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