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Chandos Ring: A Modern Epic Poem
    Every 2100-2500 years human society/culture experiences transformation.
    Gilgamesh (Force)- Taurus; Moses (Rules/Laws)- Aries; Christ (Love and Proliferation) - Pisces;
    Read the epic poem Chandos Ring. Discover the next transformation as we enter Aquarius.

30th December 2012

Best Family Activities to do in Luxembourg

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by Naqi Khan

Luxembourg also known as The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is one of Europe’s most enchanted and beautiful countries easily being- a dream come true for travelers. It has counties like Germany, France and Belgium flanking its borders. Three different languages are spoken in this gorgeous city namely Luxembourgish, German and French as the country follows a mixture of cultures taken from both Romance Europe and Germanic Europe.

The city radiates an aura of romance and nostalgia as if one has travelled back in time -reliving the romantic ages all over again. As one strolls on the street corner you can help noticing the sound of music played during the music festivals - a perfect combination with the picturesque scenery is. Fresh fruits being sold in open fruit markets and the smooth velvety macaroons are a trademark of the country. Surprisingly you will find the urban population dressed up in the best designer wear buying clothes from branded stores. Luxembourg boasts plenty of classic monuments, rolling hills, forests and recreational facilities - a real peaceful haven for holiday makers.

Animal farm -The Animal Park is situated in the Ardennes region, near the lush valleys, right on the banks of river Messancy. The park is absolutely breathtaking and its sheer beauty will definitely make you stop and sit to absorb the gorgeous scenery and wildlife. So pack your bags and take your children out on a picnic to the animal farm they will definitely enjoy watching the wildlife while breathing the fresh air and enjoying the lush green scenery.

Cycling in Luxembourg - Luxembourg is an ideal place for cycling due to the flat landscape. The entire family can enjoy cycling around the city at the park or near the gorgeous banks of the Alzette River. If you want to wander off to an adventurous terrain then the Ardennes Mountain or the southeast Moselle Valley is an ideal place- bursting with vegetation and the warmth of the sun’s rays. Fishing in Luxembourg: - You can experience a great fishing trip with your family and friends once you have a fishing license. Along with your fishing gear you can pack some yummy sandwiches, a nice cool refreshing rink and venture out with your kids to the rivers of Luxembourg are the best stocked with fish and the freshest compared to the rest of Europe. To help out tourists and foreigners there are many companies offering package fishing trips.

Horseback riding - Tourists can enjoy the scenic beauty of Luxembourg on horseback! There are many stables all over which offer hourly, half a day and full day packages. Parc Marvelleux in Luxembourg: This is the most popular amusement park here in Luxembourg and park enthusiasts are touting this as the most beautiful theme park in the world. Both young and old will experience an unforgettable day trip. The Parc Marvelleux is a holiday paradise offering plenty of excitement and relaxation for all ages. Children can enjoy the pony express, miniature train ride or watch fascinating animals at the zoo. Later on the family can enjoy a light meal at onsite restaurant or café.

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Naqi Khan is the marketing manager of the Easy Serviced Apartments ( With Easy Serviced Apartments you can choose a serviced apartments from variety of Luxembourg Apartments available for online booking.

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