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18th December 2012

Landmarks in Washington D.C. That Will Stay in Your Memories Forever

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by Gary Mullen

Is a place that has got a load to offer to the ladies and men that live there and the people on vacation that fill the area each year. Are plentiful and superb, but not only that, they keep men and women returning and making life long memories continually. Is an extraordinary place and all people should think about visiting these natural landmarks next time they are thinking of taking a holiday or getaway.

Great Falls Park

This natural landmark is certain to take your breath away. This park is situated right off the Potomac Brook with a beautiful view of the local views and wild life. People that had the opportunity to check out the Great Falls Parks, has revealed how awesome was the experience. The park offers visitors a chance to improve their health and get fit at the same time, due to its hike trails.

The Ellipse

This park is located on the southern most park of the Presidents Park. This park is an excellent place to go to visit principally due to the lush greenery and the local events that are gathered there. The Ellipse is popular for its inumerous events and getherings. If you pay a visit to this park, you will have the chance to enjoy e meet new people.

The Patriotic Atmosphere of Washington D.C.

This is enjoying just the sense of being in Washington D.C. This is the heart and soul of American culture and where this states’s president and many laws are made and made. This feeling you get by being in Washington D.C. You can stand back and breathe in the clean air and enjoy in the fact that you live in a free country. Will lead you to feel patriotic and pleased with what this country has accomplished.

With all the different areas to stroll, monuments, commemoratives, historical sites and museums there’s a lot to see in the Washington D.C. area The landmarks are universally celebrated and they actually tell a little story of how this country was set up and the ideals that are in our country and residents.

Natural Landmarks are a place for folks that would like to experience and understand the great history of America and how it came to be. The natural landmarks combined with the patriotic culture that fills and surrounds Washington D.C. Is reason enough to want to go and visit this town. The people and the wealthy history that is encompassed in Washington D.C. Makes this town unique from any other city here in The USA.

About the Author:

Gary Mullen has been fascinated by Washington D.C. landmarks for years. He has written op-eds and editorial pieces for many online publications. For more details about Washington D.C. natural landmarks feel free to visit his site.

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