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18th December 2012

Enjoy West Virginia Fall Festival

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by Loraine Fitzmaurice

There are plenty of reasons to visit West Virginia fall festivals. This beautiful state is renowned for its spectacular scenery and rolling countryside. When the leaves are in full color there is really nowhere to compare. Planning to spend a weekend enjoying the fall foliage is a great time to take in one of the many annual events that celebrate this special time of year.

Crafts are an integral part of any festival. Local craft makers take the opportunity to set up stands and sell their beautiful and unique items. Many people do some early holiday shopping and pick up some wonderful gifts, that are often very reasonably priced. Children can try their hands at many simple, yet fun crafts and have something to take home with them.

The food is another reason to visit a festival. Many vendors specialize in local homemade menu items. Freshly baked apple and pumpkin pies are always a crowd favorite. Locally made herb sausages in a home baked bread roll make a wholesome and filling treat.

Local people often compete in baking contests at West Virginia festivals. This is an opportunity for friends to show off their talents in the kitchen and share a recipe that may have been handed down through several generations. Cakes and pies are a popular item and can be shared with the visitors. Being offered the job of apple pie judge is a really big honor in many small towns.

Children will have many great activities to enjoy. Running around outdoors in the fresh air is a great way to spend the day. There will also be old fashioned wagon rides to take the family to the pumpkin patch. Pony rides, corn mazes and petting zoo’s are other favorites. Getting to see the farm animals up close is a treat for many city children.

Activities continue after dark and one of the biggest tourist attractions of West Virginia is a ghost tour. Once the sun goes down there is a whole new atmosphere and the chilly air sets the perfect scene to reenact a grisly murder or tell of a tragic love story. A good guide will add so much to the tour, visitors will leave truly wondering about the possibility of ghosts.

Any family looking for a fun day out should visit the West Virginia fall festivals. There are plenty of great events to please every member of the family. The food is amazing and the music is another excellent feature of the entertainment.

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