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11th December 2012

A Few Enjoyable Skiing Activities

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by Kent Hinojosa

Planning a trip to a ski resort is all about finding the right activities. Sure skiing is all well and fun, but you don’t want to spend all your time on the slopes. You want to be sure that there are plenty of other great activities that you can participate in. With the help of the ski magazine, you’re going to find a long list of fun things you can do.

In choosing a skiing lodge you have to make sure that you have the essentials. That means some good skiing. This of course is covered at Squaw Valley. For starters the 1960 Olympics were held here.

You’ll also find great ways that you can get out and explore nature too. Through snowmobile rentals, you can get out there and drive through nature, and witness the winter world your way.

But don’t forget about the SnoVentures attraction either. This has been specially designed to provide children as well as the rest of the family with the perfect types of activities to entertain throughout the day.

But of course there’s a lot more than just skiing to be done. One of the biggest draws of Squaw Valley is going to be the unique High Camp part of the resort. This is where you can actually make your temporary home while you’re on vacation.

At the High Camp, you’re going to find many things, but one of the coolest features is that you’ll be sleeping at 8,200 ft above sea level. That means you’re literally right up in the mountains.

At the High Camp you’ll find plenty of other things to do as well. Including high altitude disc golf, plenty of really high quality restaurants, and even a shopping center. That means you can find just about anything you could want for a vacation.

But of course, you want winter adventures if you’re going to a resort. Through Squaw Valley you’ll find what they call Snoventures which are assured of bringing fun and delight to people of all ages in the family.

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