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Chandos Ring: A Modern Epic Poem
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29th November 2012

The Riviera Maya - A Getaway for Couples or the Whole Family

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by Frank D Gardner

Mexico’s Riviera Maya is famous the world over as a great place for single travelers to mingle, as well as a romantic escape for couples. In fact, it an be equally good vacation spot to come with the whole family in tow. If you want to escape the hustling and bustling crowds of other resort areas, come to this serene and beautiful area to enjoy fine dining, explore ancient ruins, and appease your adventurous side in a family-friendly atmosphere.

Fine Dining

The food on the Riviera Maya is one of the area’s prime attractions, with dozens of fantastic restaurants serving both traditional Mexican fare and a wide assortment of American and European foods. Whether you want a breakfast buffet, enchiladas mole, or just a hot dog, hamburger, or large order of french fries, you’ll find no shortage of food outlets to meet your desires. The whole family will be in a great mood after a great dinner out, perhaps including a few freshly-made margaritas for the adults!

Adventure Parks

Anyone who likes to mix in physical activity with their vacationing won’t be disappointed by the Riviera Maya. Several eco-parks like the close-by Xplore offer a variety of interesting, fun, and challenging options for the adventure-seeking tourist. These include a three-mile jungle ride that ushers you through rainforests, over rivers, and draws you down into mysterious underground caves, as well as unlimited opportunities to ride the system of zip-lines that have been erected throughout the park. Hung at varying heights, from hammock-level to over ten stories tall, the speed and thrill of traveling on these lines will leave you breathless, and make it very easy to remember your experience vacationing at the Riviera Maya!

The underground swim is another popular activity that will quench your adventurous spirit. A flexible time length of up to 40 minutes, as well as the option of a boat for those would prefer to spend the time relaxing and taking in the grand scenery of the caves, is a great way to escape from the world - even for a whole day - before heading back to hit the 24-hour, well-stocked buffet restaurants to stock up on calories for the next day’s activities.

Mayan Heritage

Naturally, water-skis and theme parks aren’t all the area has to offer. In fact, the Riviera Maya is well-steeped in Mesoamerican history. The port of Tulum, which is only a stone’s throw from the resort beaches, is one of the oldest and most well-preserved sites left by the ancient Maya civilization. While they were eventually conquered by the guns of the Spanish, the inhabitants of Tulum were laid low by disease, sparing the city destructive conflict and keeping it intact for modern-day archaeologists to pore over. The city features massive sea walls, temples, huge pyramids, and even a biological preserve. This wealth of cultural enrichment is too often overlooked by vacationers who are drawn by the Riviera Maya’s luscious beaches and warm tropical breezes, so do yourself a favor; the next time you plan to visit southern Mexico, make sure to spend a day on the beach as well as day discovering the amazing history of this verdant, beautiful land.

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