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29th November 2012

Fun Filled Activities And Cabins At Lake Tahoe

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Cabins at Lake Tahoe are comfortable and serene nestled in nature’s beautiful background. If your cabin is located in the Northern part then you will find yourself surrounded by trails for hiking, lovely cedar trees and even ski slopes.

Whether on the Southern or the northern side you can enjoy relaxing horseback rides and trek up in the mountains and admire the majestic landscapes. You can even try your hand at skating outdoors at Heavenly Village or at the indoor rink in South Tahoe Ice Rink.

It depends on the time of year you plan your trip which adventures are available. In colder months this is the perfect place for snowboarding, skiing the slopes, snowmobiling or playing in the snow and making a snowman or woman. In warmer months you can golf the day away at the Edgewood Course.

Heavenly Mountain Ski Chalet is where you can stay and take to the slopes for a snow filled day of fun. If your visit is a romantic one then you cannot go wrong with a sunset sleigh ride plus a delightful dinner. Your sleigh will be driven by elegant Blond Belgium horses.

If you love photographs to remember your times away from home then you may want to take the photography tour which is semi-private. Here you can photograph the Sierra Nevada Mountains, wild flowers of the area and the colors of the landscapes you will journey through. Photographers who are true experts in their craft will take you along this journey.

Helicopter tours are available to take you around the water and get a bird’s eye view of it. You will also journey to see Emerald Bay, Cave Rock, Meek’s Bay, Tahoe City and Zephyr Cove. No matter where your cabins at Lake Tahoe are located you will find adventure all around you for the entire family or just the two of you. cabins at lake tahoe

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