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19th November 2012

Where To Go For A Canadian Biking Adventure!

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By Patricia Walker

Looking for some of the most challenging bike trails in North America and even in the world? Head north to Canada in search of adventure and you’ll find plenty of challenging trails with rugged terrain for an exciting biking adventure! If you’re still a beginner, read on, because I found a few trails you’ll enjoy in Canada, as well.

In Alberta, Canada, you can bike a 14-mile singletrack route from Old Fort Point to Valley of the Five Lakes. This area is a busy place to be in the summer months, so be on the lookout for lots of other bikers. This trail is also a good place for beginning bikers to try their luck, as there are numerous areas where they can enter or exit the trail, so they don’t necessarily have to tackle the more technical areas. There are a few difficult climbs and challenging descents, so intermediate and experienced bikers will have fun here, too.

The Mont Ste-Anne Ski Area near Quebec City has dozens of trails of different lengths and experience levels. There is a $6 fee to get in and fees if you use the chairlifts. There is some incredible scenery to be viewed from the top and you might even be fortunate enough to see some large wildlife (moose, bear, etc.). For the more experienced bikers, there are plenty of technical trails to choose from that will keep you hopping!

Still another area with lots of variety is the Burnaby Mountain trails in British Columbia. Some trails are technical gravel trails with rapid descents. Others are paved and a nice offering for the novice rider. Get a map ahead of time so you can select the trails suitable for your riding level.

A Ski Chalet near Bathrust, New Brunswick has nearly 10 miles of trails to choose from. The trails are well-maintained and they are frequently adding more yearly. You’ll find lots of technical singletrack, some steep climbs and descents, and a few bridges. There is a group ride every Tuesday evening. These trails come highly recommended from other bikers that live in the area.

Now for the more technical trails experienced riders have been waiting for! Porcupine Ridge encompasses an 8-mile route not far from Bracebridge, Ontario, with multiple trails. While there aren’t too many steep climbs or descents, you’ll find plenty of roots, rocks, and some exciting drop offs. This one is lots of fun for advanced riders.

You may also want to check out Air Supply, a small 1-mile track for experts only! Located in North Vancouver, British Columbia, anyone who isn’t a pro will want to watch from the sidelines, but it’s exciting even just to watch! This trail features high wall rides, high skinnys, huge ladder jumps and ladder drops, gaping 10-20 foot gaps, and both a double teeter totter and a swivel teeter totter!

Hopefully you will find something here that fits your experience level and location. Always have your camera ready when riding in Canada. You never know when you’ll run across some incredible vista or some friendly wildlife! As always, happy biking!

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